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(Publication – First edition April 2009)

The resource-based approach to coaching enables a constructive framework and a process for development and progressing of real time plans in the business of the managerial leader. A coaching programme can operate for an individual or a team. It can also benefit line managers in general and specialist disciplines such as human resource directors.

The resource-based perspective also brings into play the cognitive perspective of an organisation as well as critical factors including the knowledge base of an enterprise, firm size, learning and innovation and also business growth.

Managerial functions and business priorities can be confronted in harmony with the leadership enabling skills including communicative action which precedes all other action, whether individual action or strategic action at any time through other people or in gaining acceptance to the operation of good business routines.

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(Publication – First edition June 2007)

Managing business and yourself will be of interest to any person who operates as a manager or entrepreneur or as a business consultant – and for individual reflection and perhaps taking stock of your thinking and your situation overall. It provides a resource together with some tools to individual executives and practitioners to use freely for their own personal benefit.

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