We provide employment management solutions. Since the success of all business policies is ultimately dependent upon people, employment of workforce considerations should permeate all policy and operational decisions at every level of an organisation.

Some business may not be in a position to operate a full internal capability. In these circumstances we work with you to help find the right solution for your employment and training needs.

If a human resources department operates within the organisation then the employment management services can complement and work with the activities of the department.

Our service will be expected to provide your business with overall distinct ‘mechanical advantage’ and also support confidence and stability in the management of the whole of the employment relationship to support the business and in compliance with employment law and regulation.

The importance of employment management to the stewardship and execution of business

The essence of the stewardship and management of a business and a business organisation is to control events and make things happen. These require a focus on all people activities on company goals while ensuring creation and maintenance of an environment of social equilibrium among employees to motivate and support the company goals for successful service / product delivery. This in turn redounds on the organisation and structure of work, on effective communication, both oral and written among managements to employees and to other parties including trade unions.

The basis of an employment management service and objectives

The retention service would be based upon a high level of distinctive competence, reflecting the application of specialist knowledge and skills with the work done distinguished by its reference to a framework of fundamental concepts linked to solid experience and also to contribute to the total management of the enterprise by acting as a focal point for advice, assistance, and executive action in order to assist and support the organisation to:

The customised service may, for example cover:

  • Organisation planning, recruitment and selection
  • Performance management
  • Training, learning and development
  • Industrial relations
  • Remuneration and rewards
  • Employee services (including safety, health and welfare)
  • Employment Law including dispute resolution and representation

Overall objectives may include:

Ensure that employment management meets the expectations and mutual reliance of the employees and the company and in this respect provide a framework for all working relations within organisation, in conjunction with management to support the business operations and service product and delivery – and comply with optimal practice and employment law and regulation.

Specific objectives may include

The specific objectives of the employment management retention service would be defined in a service level agreement, but may include the following:

  • Formulate and review its employment management and employment relations objectives and strategies against the overall objective of the company, both short and long term
  • Plan, develop, maintain and control appropriate employment practices and procedures
  • Analyse and resolve conflict and establish, as appropriate, problem solving approaches for improving organisation effectiveness including work structuring programmes. [plus dispute resolution]
  • Design and / or provide training for managers and supervisors in employment relations practices.

Service arrangements

The service arrangements would comprise a statement of requirement setting out the overall and specific objectives within an agreed several-point plan.

The actual organisational arrangements with a client have ranged from one-off contacts to more interdependent agreements and could be covered by or a combination of the following arrangements:

  • Single agreement: Specific-term engagement to achieve the specific planned deliverables. Cost related to agreed fees for the assignment.
  • Framework arrangement: Engagement to respond to volume related service as and when required or necessary. Fees on a per-Diem basis.
  • Renewable contract: Longer-term association to provide a consistent and reliable management service with a degree of management engagement. Fees negotiable.
  • Partnership alliance: High commitment to engage in management of an enterprise with a combination of execution, and bringing an expert support. Fees negotiable.